The People’s Forum was conceived as a political education space and cultural hub that serves working class organizers, leaders, and intellectuals working in different fronts of struggle in the United States and internationally. Through its political education and cultural programming it seeks to fulfill its commitment to contribute in 1) building the unity of the working class and our organizations, 2) reviving, uplifting, and defending working-class culture and values, and 3) bringing socialist ideas to the new generations of organizers and activists. Since opening its doors in 2018, TPF has worked with thousands of students, organizers, and activists from all over the world.  
The working class is living unprecedented times of crises, globally. While billions worldwide experience hunger, homelessness, and lack of healthcare, the US ruling class continues to advance its imperialist agenda waging war on the poor and working class abroad, and at home. It is easy to feel hopelessness and isolation, even as we keep working in our respective communities to impact change. In these particular times of crisis, it is particularly important to have physical spaces that convene, promote collective study and exchange, nurture and cultivate young leaders to be equipped and move forward in struggle.  

The sustenance and strengthening of our independent space devoted to the working class, can only be maintained and funded by the people. Our commitment to build unity amongst the working class, providing political education and cultural programming, and providing infrastructure to grassroots movements is only possible with your support. Your donation will help us sustain and grow TPF—a home for our movement!

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